Project Management

Using our Contract Administration Service means that your builders are always paid in arrears, and are only paid for what they have completed, not in equal divisions. The final payment is deferred for 3 months to ensure that there are no leaks or other complications.
• 6 x 1/2 hourly visits.
• Any additional visit (if required / requested) will be based on our hourly rates:
1. Principals: £150
2. Planning Consultant: £150
3. Architects, project co-ordinators: £120
4. Technical: £ 90
5. Any liaison with external consultants will be charged at £120/hr
• The visits include coming at the critical stages and liaising with the building control officer on site.
• Overseeing the JCT contract, any variation orders and become mediators of possible disputes.

Our Contract Admin. Service puts you in the driving seat and eliminates the headache of any possible dispute with builders.